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Climate Change: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

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  • The Union of Concerned Scientists at ucsusa.org: information about global warming science and solutions, along with various ways to take immediate action and stay informed.

  • Learn about the basics of climate science, with references to important scientific research papers for further reading, at Skeptical Science.

  • The American Association for Advancing Science at AAAS.org: AAAS is the leading projessional organization of scientists in the United States, and has recognized global climate change as a "growing threat to society." Find out why scientists are so concerned.

  • visit The National Academy of Sciences web page on Climate and Weather, which provides an overview of global-change activities from throughout the National Academies organized by major topical area. Browse Topics to see lists of related reports, upcoming meetings, ongoing activities, and selected links to other global change resources on the web.

  • Climate Central provides an excellent collection of animations, videos, and other materials that describe many of the basics of climate science in a very accessible format. The United States Geological Survey also has an excellent set of videos about climate change and other aspects of our world.

  • visit Realclimate.org: a commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists for the interested members of the public and journalists.

  • know a "Climate Skeptic? - visit Grist's How to Talk to a Skeptic or John Cook's Skeptical Science to read explanations that demonstrate how the many arguments put forward by "sketptics" are not honest skepticism at all but just efforts to mislead. Peter Sinclair's You Tube channel explains the problems with many well known "skeptic" arguments about climate change.
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