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Climate Science Education

"There remains a dangerous gulf between scientists' concern about climate change and public understanding. While self-proclaimed "climate skeptics" scoff in the media at the "scientific consensus" as though it is a consensus of opinion, the National Academies of Science of 13 nations and our leading scientific societies call for action based on a consensus of conclusions from almost 200 years of research. We ignore this knowledge at our great peril."

From Climate Science Passes the Test of Time, an op-ed by CEMAR's Executive Director Andrew Gunther

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CEMAR's Climate Science Education program offers free presentations on climate science to interested organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

These strictly nonpartisan and nonpolitical presentations provide an opportunity for citizens to learn about the basic science of climate change. Given the importance of climate change to the future of the Bay Area, it is essential that the public hear from trained scientists in straightforward and nontechnical language.

Since 2008, CEMAR's program has provided over 50 presentations in the Bay Area to a diverse array of organizations, from high schools to business groups. The presentations are made by CEMAR's Executive Director, Dr. Andrew Gunther. He is a well-known environmental scientist and public speaker in the San Francisco Bay Area, with over 30 years of professional experience.

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